We have profound expertise in advising our clients on both the previous stage to any litigation (with the purposes of reaching a negotiated solution to avoid the litigation) and the design of the procedural strategy in order to materialize the interests of our clients in the event that the litigation is unavoidable.


We are highly specialized in the representation of the interests of our clients regarding trials and arbitrations, whether domestic or international.


We offer our legal services for the defense of our clients or in order to act as arbitrators. We act in arbitrations with ad hoc arbitration courts and, above all, with all kind of arbitration institutions, whether domestic or international.


The experience of our attorneys with litigation comprises all the areas of civil law, property law, corporate law, public international law, private international law and general administrative law.


Among other matters, we can point out the following:

Appearance in all kind of arbitration procedures.

Litigation regarding unfair competition, antitrust defense and publicity.

Advice in all kind of in-court procedures on validity, construction and enforcement of any kind of civil and corporate agreements (lease agreements, transportation agreements, distribution and agency agreements, franchising agreements, finance agreements, etc.).

Litigation regarding banking law for significant credit institutions (domestic and international) and clients in litigation stemming from the marketing of all kind of financial services.

Enforcement of court rulings and arbitration awards.

Foreclosure and, in general, enforcement of securities.

Litigation in connection with merger and acquisitions of companies.

Litigation in connection with protection of the rights of honor, intimacy and own image.

Litigation regarding real-estate industry (purchases, sales, liability of edification agents, registry law, etc.).

All kind of procedures regarding civil liability (professional civil liability, fire damages, industrial damages, liability for faulty products, etc.).

Insurance litigation.

Corporate litigation: challenging of corporate resolutions, liability of the administrators, etc.

Litigation regarding wills and estates: challenging of wills, actions for the fraction of estates, etc.

Defense against sanctions and administrative breaches.

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