We are experts in all the aspects regarding intellectual property legislation and we are in the avant-garde in the advice for media, music, software and new technologies industry.


Many of our clients operate in the entertainment industry and mass media and they find in us the legal support that is necessary for their professional expansion in this environment.


Our services to be rendered in this field include, inter alia:

Advice of the funding and production of audiovisual works.

Advice regarding advertising, merchandising, sponsorship and interactive advertisement.

Audiovisual contracts.

Request, transfer, licenses and recording of intellectual property rights (software, databases, royalties, audiovisual works, brands, commercial names, patents, industrial models, utility models, etc.).

Contracts of literary edition; preexisting works contracts.

Musical editorial and phonographic rights.

Negotiation of royalties with management entities.

Legal advice as regards social networks.

Licenses of use, contracts of development for software.

Know-how licenses and commercial secrets.

Webpage protection.

Protection of format rights.

Confidentiality agreements and technology transfer.

In addition, we offer integrated advice regarding data protection and privacy, by helping our clients implement practical solutions that permit them to make sure the regulation compliance and the avoidance of potencial contingencies in this area:

Preparation of safety documents and internal policies of privacy, data protection and control of labor activity.

Audits of data protection and safety.

Strategies for compliance: adaption to the legislation in force, typical contractual clauses, warnings, preparation and recording of files, design of internal procedures and assignments and transfers of data.

Adaption to the regulations in marketing initiatives and commercial prospection, contracts with clients and suppliers, labor contracts, general conditions for the use of the webpage, etc.

Development of training programs for the officers in charge of data protection matters.

Advice regarding international assignment of data.

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