Career and professional experience


Esther specializes in IP law. She began her career as lawyer in the IP law department of Écija Legal & Compliance, S.L., where she rendered advice in matters that were especially related to audiovisual industry. She acquired sound experience as in-house counsel at Gestora de Inversiones Audiovisuales La Sexta, S.A.


While rendering services for Écija Legal & Compliance, S.L., Esther was involved in any kind of matters regarding law of new technologies, data protection law and corporate law.


After her stay at Écija Legal & Compliance, S.L., Esther joined TKL Abogados – Think Legal to lead the IP and new technologies department.


Esther advises both domestic and international clients belonging to different sectors and leads all kind of projects related to entertainment industry, data protection, e-commerce, image rights and IP.




Esther holds a degree in laws from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a degree in journalism granted by the Universidad de Sevilla. She has a master degree in IP by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a MSc in International Relationships and Communication by Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Esther has pursued the Legal Course and Digital Business in Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and holds a Diploma of Entertainment Law granted by IE Law School Executive Education. In addition, she has participated in several courses and seminars on IP.




Esther has assisted in publications and specialized press of the audiovisual industry and professional production, Cine y Tele, and Aranzadi-Legal Today.




Esther speaks and writes Spanish, English and French.

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