Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

We are experts in all kind of corporate aspects: from the incorporation of companies, drafting of bylaws and ordinary management of corporate aspects, restructuring of groups (mergers, spinoffs, etc.) and the advice in conflictive situations between the shareholders/administrators, whether judicial or out of court.


In addition, we usually advise in the drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements (syndication of vote, shareholders’ agreements, family agreements, etc.) and we frequently advise on the defense of conflicted interests as a consequence of discrepancies that arise between shareholders.


We have sound experience in merger and divestment transactions, and we advise both financial institutions and industrial clients, or private equity/venture capital entities.


Our services in this field include, inter alia:

Incorporation, winding-up and liquidation of any kind of companies.

Legal secretary tasks and advice in all kind of shareholders’ agreements.

Mergers and acquisitions of companies and corporate restructurings.

Joint venture agreements.

Vendor and purchaser due diligence and coordination of multidisciplinary teams.

Funding rounds and obtainment of investors.

Agreements of media for equity.

Implementation of incentive plans for employees and high officers.

Sale and purchase agreements for shares, asset purchase agreements, acquisition of business and acquisition of assets and liabilities.

Divestment agreements.

Acquisition of real estate assets, sale & leaseback.

Finance transactions (new money, recaps, LBOs, refinancing transactions, securities package, etc.).

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