Career and professional experience


Founding partner of TKL Abogados.


Almudena is specialized in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions.


She began her career as a lawyer in 2002 in the department of mergers and acquisitions of Landwell, currently PwC Tax & Legal Services. She subsequently joined Araoz & Rueda, where she continued to develop her career by mainly advising private equity and venture capital entities in acquisitions, divestments, MBOs and buildups.


Afterwards, Almudena joined the M&A team of Deloitte Abogados. In the course of that position, she rendered services for a high number of clients, both domestic and international (including industrial clients, financial institutions and institutional investors) regarding a high diversity of corporate transactions. In addition, as responsible for the French Desk of Deloitte, Almudena contributed to the business development of the firm in relation to French clients.


After 10 years developing her career in law firms, Almudena became an in-house lawyer when she decided to join Burger King Corporation as Senior Legal Counsel for the Mediterranean area. In this period, Almudena became responsible for the legal area of the US multinational for the South of Europe, Middle East and Africa, by coordinating the legal work in more than 15 jurisdictions. Apart from that, in this time she managed the most significant transactions that were carried out in Europe, with the transformation of the business of Burger King that was fostered by the fund 3G. She acquired at this time deep knowledge of franchise in Spain.





Almudena holds a double-major in Spanish-French law by both Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Université Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne.


Lastly, she has an M.Sc. in Law and Politics of the European Union by London School of Economics (LSE).




El Contrato de Franquicia, in La Franquicia, AAVV, Aranzadi, 2015.




Almudena speaks and writes Spanish, English and French.

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